3 responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Pay Enda’s Poll Tax

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  2. As per your article, when accepting that the Govt needs more revenue, a fair system would be that the Ballymun-type “poor” people pay zero and those with a greater income than the average should pay more than the €100.

    But then instead of advising everyone to not pay this, shouldn’t you be advising some people to pay more than €100, ie to pay on behalf of the “poor”. Thats fairer.

    Of course no-one is going to nominate THEMSELVES to be those donors. Its all very well to advocate “fairness” but “achievable” is often some distance away from fair.

  3. Mike, you seemed to have missed the whole point of the article. It’s criticising the new charge , and encouraging a reassessment by the currently-elected and very well-paid “government”. And rest assured, this will not come about without a strong non-payment campaign. And such a campaign is a good platform to invoke and stimulate change in this country.

    Isn’t it up to government to come up with a system that’s FAIR (Equity – one of the 4 principles of taxation) and JUST (Clarity – another principle: the system should not appear unjust or unnecessary complex – to minimise discontent and costs)?

    Philip, it’s the best article I’ve read on the issue – excellent and well-balanced summary of the issues. Keep it coming!

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